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Masstech Merges with SGL to Form Media Management Powerhouse
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FlashNet Infinity offers superior archive management & endless archive possibilities.
FlashNet Infinity
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Cost-Effective Archive and Restore from Avid | Interplay, powered by Glookast.
Interplay Web Service Plug-in
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Masstech Innovations Inc. will make its exhibition debut at IBC2017! Find out what we're showing.
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Join Masstech Innovations at booth 7.J15A at IBC 2017, held 15-19 September in Amsterdam.
IBC 2017

Global Leaders in Archive and Storage Management.

Video assets are vital intellectual property whatever your industry sector.

SGL, a specialist provider of video archiving  solutions, is the premier provider of the management software needed to store, move and restore video assets and their associated metadata.

With a mature network of both hardware and software partners, SGL has developed an unrivalled integration programme providing broadcasters and content owners with a truly adaptable and flexible video archiving solution that organisations of any size can depend on.

Archive Products

Complimentary Services


Migration Service

An elegant and fast tool for the migration of entire sets of tape media from one generation or platform to another.

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Amalgamation Workflow

Optimises archiving performance by consolidating multiple small file archive requests into a single archive process.

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We’ve developed an unrivalled integration programme providing truly adaptable and flexible video archiving solution 



SGL Solutions


The only fully integrated solution for Avid Interplay. Developed, tested, supported and distributed by Avid. Powered by SGL.


CatDV Plug-in

Elegant archive and restore for CatDV MAM.


Disaster Recovery

Your content is your revenue; lose material, lose money.


MAM & Automation Systems

SGL FlashNet has been integrated with a wide range of applications.

Grass Valley

Efficient, cost-effective storage management for Grass Valley K2 servers and Production solutions.



Use Aspera File Transfer from within FlashNet to manage guaranteed delivery to the cloud and to remote locations.



Self-describing content media that provides instant portability between systems.


Marquis Project Parking

Archive & Restore Avid projects with the fully integrated Project Parking for FlashNet.



High Performance Archiving and Restore for VSNEXPLORER.


News & Sport

Rapid, breakneck, last-minute, just-in-time. You need a content management system that can keep up with your workflow.

SGL on the Road

Catch up with the SGL team on the road – find us at trade shows, exhibitions and partner events around the world. 



A few things about us..




SGL is a specialist provider of video archiving, and is focused on providing industry leading solutions to clients worldwide.



Storage Management

SGL is the premier provider of the management software needed to store, move and restore video assets and their associated metadata.



Asset Protection

SGL provides multi-layered safeguards against the unexpected, your media, your assets and your revenue

What others are saying

  • "SGL helps us get our work done!"
    Mark JahnkeWTTW CTO
  • “We made a huge investment in Avid with Interplay and ISIS and required an archive that fully integrated with that workflow. We looked at a couple of other systems but nothing was as seamless as SGL. Cutting Edge did a great job, they were really behind SGL and they’re fully trained on the entire workflow so it was a no brainer.”
    Paul HodgesSF Giants Executive Producer
  • “With the amount of content that we create,  it’s not feasible to keep everything online in high-res. To be able to work in a low-res environment and restore just what’s needed is critical for us.”
    Dan KeeneWWE Director Engineering Maintenance

Global Support

Global Support

With offices in the USA, UK, Germany, Singapore and Australia SGL is able to offer global sales and support.

Reliable & Secure

Reliable & Secure

Paramount for every business, SGL prides itself on our ability to perform, backed up with our 24/7 SGL Support Services

Fully Scalable

Fully Scalable

SGL design our products with the facility to grow as your business needs develop. Starting from a single server that scales to a cluster model using nodes.

Leading The Way

Leading The Way

SGL is the leading provider of content archive and storage management software. Take a look at some of our clients to see who else is ahead of their sector.