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Avid Interplay

The only fully integrated solution for Avid Interplay.

Developed, tested, supported and distributed by Avid. Powered by SGL.

In 2004 SGL and Avid announced a unique alliance to produce the Avid Archive® solution, a complete end-to-end archiving solution for Avid users. Since then, the close integration between SGL and Avid has continued to develop, providing broadcasters with the fully integrated solutions demanded by modern broadcast facilities.

Avid Interplay Archive® is the result of the partnership between the two companies. Avid Interplay Archive is the only fully integrated archive and storage management component for the world’s pre-eminent nonlinear digital workflow engine, Avid Interplay.

Interplay Archive is the result of intensive co- development by SGL and Avid engineers to produce the most complete and truly integrated content archive and storage management solution for Avid users.

SGL FlashNet is an integral part of Avid’s Integrated Media Enterprise, providing the archive component of the Avid open system architecture that encompasses Avid Interplay and the entire suite of Avid systems and solutions.

SGL FlashNet, driving Avid Interplay Archive

SGL FlashNet provides the engine which drives Avid Interplay Archive. SGL FlashNet is built around a clustered architecture, which allows virtually infinite scalability of the archive, providing Avid users with an integrated archive regardless of size, from the smallest call-letter stations to the largest network operation.

SGL FlashNet comprises three base modules, which can be run on a single server to provide cost-efficient archive operations in a compact installation, or can be installed across multiple nodes to form a cluster that provides automatic failover and high levels of I/O (input/output). As data throughput requirements increase, further nodes can be ‘bolted on’ to increase data transfer rates into and out of the archive.

SGL FlashNet’s architecture also provides unrivalled resilience. The central SQL database constantly monitors every node in the cluster; in the event that a node fails, its duties are automatically taken over by other cluster members, without interruption to archive operations and without requirement for manual intervention.

Avid-certified, SGL-certified

Avid Interplay Archive undergoes rigorous testing at all stages of development. SGL tests every release of FlashNet with the latest versions of Avid Interplay at the SGL labs in Fareham, UK, and the pre-release code is then distributed to Avid QA labs for complete validation before it is certified as released software.

Avid Interplay Archive is available as part of the Avid non-linear workflow engine from Avid sales offices worldwide.

For further information please visit, or contact your local Avid sales office. Alternatively, contact SGL directly.

Key Features & Benefits

Archive clips directly from Avid applications

Send a clip to the selected archive destination directly from the Avid Interplay Access or Media Composer window, or drag-and- drop into an Auto Archive folder.

Low-resolution browsing of archived media

Interplay Archive prevents duplication of material in the archive – if a clip exists in the archive, there’s no need to re-archive, e.g. if the same clip is included in a different sequence.

Low-resolution browsing of archived media

When the sequence is archived, high-resolution media can be deleted from online storage, while the low-resolution material remains available for real-time browsing and playing.

Search the archive database

Easily search for a clip in the archive database using the Search tab in the Avid Interplay Access window, or simply use the tree view to locate the clip you want to restore.

Wait there's more!

Retrieve from the archive database

Use the results of a search to select a clip to restore, or simply use the tree view to locate the clip you want to restore.

Archive & restore from Avid editing applications

A menu command embedded in the Avid Media Composer, NewsCutter, Instinct and Symphony Nitris system interfaces makes it easy to send clips to archive, and to retrieve media from archive without leaving the editing application.

Save time & disk space with Partial Restore

Restore just the necessary portions of a large master clip or finished sequence with the Partial Restore feature. Instead of restoring an entire master clip associated with a single subclip, Partial Restore makes it possible to restore only the media that makes up the subclip – without duplicating material already online.

Archive automatically with the Auto Archive folder

Simply drag a clip or sequence to the Auto Archive folder and the system triggers the Avid Interplay Archive to automatically archive the file.

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