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Avid Interplay Web Services Plug-in

Cost-Effective Archiving

SGL’s Interplay Web Service Plug-in powered by Glookast offers highly cost-effective “Drag and Drop” archiving from within Interplay | Access, using Interplay watch folders, but without requiring Interplay | Archive. ISIS storage can now be managed optimally without high overheads. The Plug-in can be replaced with Avid | Interplay | Archive in the future without the need to re-archive any content.

Easy to Set Up, Cost Effective to Run

Define any Interplay folder as an archive or restore Watch Folder. When users want to archive or restore material, they drag the item into the relevant folder, and the Plug-In does the rest.

The Avid | Archive Engine and Avid | Archive Providers are not required.

All the Benefits of LTFS

Use your FlashNet-archived assets in a stand-alone editor: simply put your LTFS tape into a stand-alone editor and drag and drop files to the Avid Editor software.

Archives may also be sent to other FlashNet-configured Interplay systems. The metadata stored on the LTFS tape may be checked into the Interplay system.

Benefits of Using the Plug-In to Archive and Restore

A simple way to archive and restore from interplay | access

Whole project folders can be archived with a simple drag and drop Process within Interplay | Access.


multiple formats, multiple elements

Elements such as master clips, sub clips and sequences can all be archived and restored through the IPWS Plug-In. All resolutions or selected resolutions of an asset can be archived.

assets are only archived once

Assets are only archived once The Plug-In monitors all archive requests. Assets are archived only once even if referenced by more than one sequence.

partial file restore is fully supported

Using Editor timeline or Interplay Central, restore just the necessary portions of an asset. The Partial Restore feature offers Glookast technology to restore only the required segment instead of an entire master clip – without duplicating material already online. Sequences as well as master clips may be partially restored – including sequences that have not been rendered.t.

multiple archiving folders

Set up whatever project archive folders are needed. Different users can manage their own archive and restore folders.

progress status within interplay

The Plug-In automatically updates metadata within Interplay, so that current archive status, archive location and related data is always available.


fully upgradeable to interplay archive

If the full functionality of Interplay Archive becomes necessary then the upgrade will not result in any loss of data or changes in workflow.

The Request and Data Transfer Process

System Requirements

Avid | Interplay. Avid | ISIS. Avid | Interplay Web Services 2.4 or higher

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