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Disaster Recovery

The unexpected. Expect it.

Protect your media, protect your revenue.

Assets = value = revenue

It’s a simple formula, but one that is often overlooked. Put simply, your content is your revenue, and if you lose material, you lose money. SGL FlashNet provides multi-layered safeguards against the unexpected, using automated content replication systems to provide synchronised, mirrored or like-for-like asset duplication, across same-site or geographically disparate locations.

Rebuild your entire data structure

SGL FlashNet’s uniquely scalable architecture means that, whatever the scope of your Disaster Recovery requirements, your valuable assets are protected, automatically. Rules-based implementations provide fully-automated data duplication across multiple storage layers and locations. SGL FlashNet’s Disaster Recovery systems mean that multi-site operations can mirror and synchronize data, across the globe. If one site becomes inoperative, it can be rebuilt entirely from data that has been replicated to other sites. This makes automated site redundancy a reality.

Safe duplication & tape externalisation

Using completely customisable rules-based data duplication, content is automatically copied as it is archived, across disk and tape layers and, where required, different locations. In single-site scenarios, duplicate tapes can be easily externalized from the storage system, singly or in content-based groups, and removed to safe locations.


The database is the heart of any storage system, and SGL FlashNet provides multi-level database backup as standard. In addition to standard SQL backup routines, the database is mirrored across multiple servers, and in the event of catastrophic, multi-server failure, the database can be rebuilt entirely from index information held on the tape volumes themselves. This multi-level protection is unique to SGL FlashNet and provides unrivalled protection of your content database.