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Efficient, cost-effective storage management for Grass Valley K2 servers and Production solutions.

The long-standing partnership between Grass Valley, a Belden Brand, and SGL is the key to the effectiveness of the content archive solutions that FlashNet provides for all GV users. Today, the product integration between the two companies extends not only to K2 SAN and K2 Summit Production and Transmission servers but also to the GV STRATUS media workflow application framework and production suite, providing transparent access to the archive directly from Grass Valley’s toolset.

SGL FlashNet makes the archive appear as a seamless extension of the Grass Valley environment in many different workflows including production and DR, with automatic copying of content to a remote archive library or other remote storage device using SGL Storage Manager.

The archive may comprise disk or tape storage or a combination of these in an archive hierarchy, using rules based SGL Storage Manager to manage the data lifecycle within the archive. These rules are established typically around file size, type, content and age.

In the GV STRATUS production environment, users can select clips for archive or restore within the application. They can then view the low-res proxy of the material held in the FlashNet archive, again directly within the GV application. They can then mark in and out- points in order to carry out a partial restore of media. During these processes all the original source timecode is preserved.

From their GV STRATUS work space, users can send single or multiple assets to the archive at once, and monitor the archive transfer queue. Transferring assets to the archive system can also be automated according to criteria such as the creation date, a specific custom metadata field (e.g. “final master” tag), a check box, etc.

Once the higher resolution content has been successfully archived, the user can delete it from the K2 storage (this can be a manual or automatic delete operation), keeping a low resolution proxy copy and all metadata information only within the GV STRATUS database. This allows users to search for archived assets and preview them before restoring the high resolution content from the FlashNet archive back to the K2 storage for production. Users can also select in/out points from the low resolution content and perform a partial restore operation.

Archive and restore rights are assigned per user or group. Equally, users with the relevant permissions can search and review content, as well as permanently delete assets from the archive location using the GV STRATUS user interface.

This seamless integration of the GV STRATUS production tools and SGL FlashNet archive management solutions offers a simplified toolset with easy-to-understand workflow rules. Configured into a collaborative production environment, the workflows provide media organizations with all the tools necessary to plan, create, publish and archive their production.

Whatever the size or scope of your organisation or your specific Grass Valley solution, SGL FlashNet provides the ultimate in content archive and storage management. The transparent integration between Grass Valley and SGL means the users won’t even be aware it’s working – providing a seamless, secure workflow.

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