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Archive & Restore Avid projects with the fully integrated Project Parking for FlashNet

Project Parking for FlashNet allows users to archive and restore whole projects: archive all bins, sequences and media files or only archive the bins that are important.

Fully Integrated With Flashnet

Archive your projects directly into FlashNet archive, thanks to Project Parking’s direct integration with the FlashNet system. When looking to restore your Project simply use the search capability to highlight the required project and start the restoration.

Create A Complete Project With Ease

Park your projects to take them off-line or simply to keep them safe. Archive and restore whole projects: all the bins, sequences and media files, or only archive the bins that are important.

Flexibly Restore Bins

Bring a project back from your FlashNet archive and choose to restore a whole project, or just the bins that matter, to any other project. Merge a new version of a project with the one currently on-line.

Free Up Your Storage

Project Parking gives you the tools to find out what is using up space on your Avid edit storage and park storage intensive projects elsewhere.

Upgrade To Project Parking With Analysis

Simple upgrade path to add storage analysis to your Project Parking for FlashNet. Add the ability to analyse your edit storage, identify duplicate media and clear out unused media. Also, transfer your projects between different tiers of storage or different locations.


Move Avid Projects to:

SGL FlashNet archive

Edit Systems:

Avid Media Composer, Avid NewsCutter, Avid Symphony

Edit Storage:

Avid Interplay, Avid Unity, Avid ISIS, Standalone workstation, Shared NAS/SAN


Installed on Windows Avid Workstation PC or other Workstation with connections to the Avid Media (not supplied)


Is your Avid storage full? You can now download Free Parking from the Marquis website, enabling you to find out how much space projects are taking up and see how much space you could save by using Parking to migrate old projects and media to FlashNet storage.

Visit the Marquis website now to discover more and download your free copy.

About SGL & Marquis

Software Generation Ltd is a privately held archive management software company headquartered in Fareham, United Kingdom. Founded in 1989, SGL has installed over 4,500 instances of its flagship FlashNet product in broadcast, production, sport and government around the world.

Founded in 1998, Marquis Broadcast provides a range of media integration products designed for the data-intensive and challenging requirements of today’s fast-paced post-production and broadcast environments, enabling them to achieve maximum efficiencies from their workflow processes.

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