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News & Sports

Rapid, breakneck, last minute, just-in-time.

You need a content management system that can keep up with your workflow.

SGL has a long history serving the needs of news and sports facilities around the world. Specialist content storage management solutions aimed specifically at these organisations and departments have been developed to address the instant access, short-term rapid retrieval and longer term storage requirements that are unique to these arenas.

SGL FlashNet is the ideal content storage management system for both News and Sports facilities. FlashNet provides automated storage management that keeps data where you need it most based on its content, allowing rapid access to recent and ‘live’ content, and then automatically moving material to longer term storage as access priorities change with data age. There’s no requirement for dedicated, proprietary storage – existing newsroom storage can even act as nearline archive storage, for example, providing substantial cost savings without impairing storage performance. FlashNet’s innovative content grouping strategies have been developed specifically with Sports in mind: groups of tape and disk volumes can be created for individual teams, per season or per team, or any grouping strategy that suits your needs.

File formats should be no barrier to efficient storage and inter-department communication, and SGL FlashNet’s format-agnostic approach means that whatever content formats you use, everything is accessible when and where you need it. This opens up your storage to a whole wealth of content combinations: SGL’s Open System architecture means that any tools and applications can interact directly with the storage management system via our XML-based API. SD, HD, web content, 3G content, mobile media – FlashNet provides a truly open central storage repository, accessible to all.