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The archive solution that grows with your business.

Size isn't important. At least, it isn't to SGL FlashNet. Whether you are the smallest part-time broadcaster, or bustling multi-location post-house, or even a network that spans continents, SGL FlashNet has been designed to fit your requirements. SGL FlashNet is the most scalable content storage management system available to the broadcast industry, providing unrivalled levels of resilience, flexibility and adaptability in tailored solutions that simply work. Regardless of the installation size or environment, SGL FlashNet's clustered architecture and Open System approach provide secure, future-proof solutions that fit. Seamlessly.

SGL FlashNet's power, resilience and scalability stem from the unique clustered architecture at its heart, and provide all broadcasters and broadcast-centric organisations with the most advanced content archive and storage management
system available.


SGL's Open System architecture makes FlashNet the most accessible content storage management system available to the broadcast industry. SGL provides an XML-based API (Application Programming Interface) that allows every major broadcast vendor to create integrated applications that can instantly access the SGL content storage management system. SGL FlashNet is integrated via API with every main offering from the leading names in broadcast. Whatever the size or scope of your installation, SGL FlashNet provides a content storage management system that works seamlessly with every facet of your organisation.

Scalability and reliability

SGL FlashNet has been designed with scalability and reliability in mind. Built on a unique clustered architecture, SGL FlashNet's modular structure provides systems that start on a single server for smaller organisations, and scale to a cluster with a theoretically infinite number of identical 'nodes', each of which provides high-speed access into and out of the archive, for larger network operations. FlashNet's clustered architecture provides extremely high reliability levels. Identical software is installed on all members of the cluster, allowing any machine to perform any task. In the event that a server fails, or is taken down for maintenance, workload is taken over automatically by another node in the cluster. The SQL database that forms the centre of the archive is protected by the latest Microsoft™ clustering software, again providing instant failover in the event of hardware failure.

SGL FlashNet's clustered architecture makes it the most scalable and reliable content storage management system available to the broadcast industry.


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"The performance of the system is flawless."

Paul Koopmann,
Director of Engineering,

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