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The complete HSM storage solution

Entry level archive management hardware & software.

FlashBox is the most effective entry level content storage management system ‘in a box’. Everything required for an integrated Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM) archive is included in the FlashBox solution. There is no requirement to purchase any additional hardware or software. So there are no hidden costs to a FlashBox purchase.

Reasonable Price & Easy Expansion

FlashBox comprises two hardware components: a server with integrated storage and a tape library. The server and the tape library can be combined in many different configurations to suit individual needs and budgets. Server/storage is available in 8TB, 16TB or 30TB configurations. The tape library starts with a base configuration of 10 slots and one LTO6 drive. The tape library is expandable up to two drives and fifty slots, in increments of ten slots. For DV material this translates to a base configuration of 1000 hours of content storage, up to 4250 hours for the fully populated configuration.

Significant Business Benefits

FlashBox provides broadcasters with a number of important workflow and operational benefits: Value for money with a fast ROI, Multiple options for exact solutions tailoring, Easy expansion, Expansion without new hardware. FlashBox is delivered with all hardware and software. Installation of the system in also included as is on-site operator and maintenance staff training. FlashBox comes with 12 months standard support. As a business using FlashBox grows, even greater expansion can be achieved with the system forming part of a larger SGL FlashNet cluster; once again, reducing the need for new hardware. FlashBox is a truly all-inclusive content storage management system.