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FlashNet Infinity

FlashNet Infinity

The archiving control centre

FlashNet Infinity is an elegant suite of web-based dashboard tools adding even more sophistication and flexibility to the FlashNet archive management solution. Infinity offers:

  • Content management toolset, including archive and restore
  • System performance monitoring
  • Trending analysis
  • System administration and more
  • Web-based operation on all standard browsers

Dashboards and Gadgets

FlashNet Infinity provides a set of visually pleasing yet powerful gadgets which can be configured into dashboards by the whole organisation or by individual users. Customisable dashboards can be created to provide toolsets tailored for each user, simplifying the user experience.

Health Checks

Users can easily check throughput relating to the number of current or completed jobs defined by asset, department or system for any time period. These trend analyses can be used for projecting future capacity and throughput requirements.


FlashNet Infinity offers superior archive management and endless archive possibilities for organisations of any size

System Management and Monitoring

A range of gadgets combine to monitor how well the archiving processes are performing right now. What jobs are running at the moment? Is the average volume being processed at the moment indicative of an issue? Are the tape drives all on-line? What jobs are currently being processed, and how are they progressing? These and other facilities provide a quick check on current system effectiveness.

Content Management Tools

FlashNet Infinity provides small broadcasters that don’t have a MAM system with basic management tools that allow them to see what’s in the archive or stored on a certain disk so that they can archive material on the disk, or restore material in the archive, viewing a low-res copy on the FlashNet Infinity dashboard.

Features include:

  • UNC-path folder navigation
  • Built-in transcoding, with thumbnails and proxies
  • Partial file restore

User Access Management

Users can be allocated to roles, which enable or restrict each user when performing various functions and having access to the various gadgets.

FlashNet Infinity Available to all FlashNet Customers

A standard set of Infinity controls are available to all SGL FlashNet users covered by a current support contract, and who are running FlashNet 6.6 or later versions. Certain premium gadgets may be developed in the future which may be subject to an additional charge.