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FlashNet Lite

FlashNet Lite

The comprehensive entry-level archive solution that grows with your business

SGL’s FlashNet is the most scalable content storage management system available to the broadcast industry, providing unrivalled levels of flexibility and adaptability in tailored solutions that simply work. Now SGL offers the power of FlashNet to smaller operations at a compelling price. We call it FlashNet Lite.

What is FlashNet Lite?

FlashNet Lite comes in four configurations: FL Disk, FL Tape, FL Hybrid and FL Optical Disk. The options provide for content storage that is disk only, tape only, optical disk or a combination of disk and tape.

FlashNet Lite is a software-only solution, however it can be combined with FlashNet hardware bundles such as FlashPack or FlashBox.

The differences between FlashNet Lite and standard FlashNet

FlashNet Lite is limited to run on a single server. In addition there are limits to supported disk or tape expansion, and drive expansion options. Apart from that all the great FlashNet tools are included, such as integration with a wide range of partner solutions and storage devices, business rules to store to them, partial file restore and the elegant Infinity front-end.

Can I upgrade to FlashNet?

When the time comes, a simple and unobtrusive upgrade path from FlashNet Lite is available. No data or product migration is necessary.

FlashNet Lite offers the power and performance of FlashNet at entry-level prices.

FlashNet Lite Options


What do FL Disk, FL Tape and FL Optical Disk offer?

  • All standard FlashNet software, including Defrag module
  • FL Disk: Software support for 100TB of disk storage (upgradeable to unlimited disk)
  • FL Tape: Support for 1 tape drive and 20 slots (up to 2 drives, 100 slots)
  • FL Optical Disk: Support for 2 Optical Disk drives and 30 slots (up to 6 drives, 100 slots)
  • One MAM Plug-in to integrate to your asset management system or automation system
  • 1st year 5X9 support plus one day remote install and training

Other upgrade options available include additional MAM plug-ins, 7X24 support, and on-site professional services.

What does FL Hybrid offer?

  • All standard FlashNet software, including simplified Storage Manager*
  • Software support for one tape drive, 10 tape slots with 10TB disk support
  • On-line archive capacity, with LTO7 tapes, is therefore about 60TB on tape and 10TB on disk. An unlimited number of additional tapes may also be stored off-line
  • One MAM Plug-in to integrate to your asset management system or automation system
  • 1st year 5X9 support plus two days remote install and training
    * Copying tapes is not supported with a single drive

FL Hybrid is upgradeable to 50TB of disk support, two tape drives and 100 slots with one server. This gives nearly 600TB capacity with LTO7 tapes. Other upgrade options available include additional MAM plug-ins, Cloud options, 7X24 support and on-site professional services.

Can I access my archived assets directly?

FlashNet Lite includes FlashNet Infinity, the latest-technology front-end toolset for FlashNet users.

Infinity is web-based, dashboard-architected, and offers features including:

  • Navigating your server and archiving selected assets
  • High-speed searching of your archived assets using intelligent word-search
  • Support for low-resolution proxies, and a proxy viewer
  • Generation and display of thumb-nails
  • Full or partial restore of your archived assets
  • Archive analysis tools