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Migration Service

FlashNet Migration Service

An elegant and fast tool for the migration of entire sets of tape media from one generation or platform to another.

SGL’s Migration Service is a component of FlashNet’s Storage Manager, which enables migrations to be managed more effectively. A migration is a project that moves the entire contents of a set of tapes to another set of tapes with a different format. This might, for instance, be a project to move all content from LTO5 volumes to LTO7, or from a set of tapes to optical disk. This will likely be due to the organisation deciding to move to a later generation of a tape standard, or to take advantage of new storage technologies.

The Migration Service is included within the standard FlashNet solution at no extra charge.


How the Migration Service Works

  • The Migration Service enables rules to be defined to copy all the tapes in a specified group from current media to the media specified in a target group
  • One or more caches and drives are allocated to the process – ideally at least two of each
  • When a rule is activated, the content of each tape is efficiently copied in turn to a cache, and from there to the target tape
  • While the copy to the target tape is executing, the system in parallel copies the next source tape (or the subsequent files on the first tape if the tape is bigger than the cache) into a second cache, enabling parallel copying
  • If there is still space on the target tape (e.g. because it has higher capacity) the content of the second source tape is added to the same target tape
  • The process continues until the entire group of tapes has been copied, with copying from and to media happening in parallel

Much Faster than Standard Media Copying

Performance is expected to be 50-75% faster than standard file-based copying, depending on the configuration of drives and caches.

The process also defragments each tape as it migrates it.

Simple to Set Up

The Migration Service is offered within Storage Manager as a parallel to the standard life-cycle rules, and so is straight-forward to define. Specify the source and target groups and the relevant drives and caches.

If a drive is not used by the copy service for 15 minutes it is automatically reassigned to standard life-cycle jobs until it is required again.

Simple to Monitor

FlashNet’s Storage Manager tool offers a Migration Service tab, with current display of the tapes already copied, the count of volumes remaining, how much data has been copied and remains to be copied – and even what the projected completion date and time is.

The FlashNet Migration Service

The Migration Service is provided specifically to greatly accelerate the process of migrating from one tape platform to another. It is included as a standard feature within FlashNet, and will significantly reduce the time, effort and cost of performing such a migration.


FlashNet Migration Service enables a whole migration to be set up as a single background task that optimises the use of available archiving equipment and speeds up processes. This reduces migration times by half.